Basement Bash, the monthly rock and roll concert series that’s hellbent on providing a space in Berlin’s live music landscape for serious new rock bands – no tired old metal type bands but balls-to-the-wall firmly 21st Century throwbacks (er, if that makes sense) – is taking a step up.

Surfbort is the NY punk band whose name is on everyone’s lips: not just people into punk (dead? not dead you choose) but all music fans who appreciate wildly over-the-top fuck-you personality: in this world of manufactured pop and carefully prepared never-go-off-script, media-savvy young stars, Dani Miller, singer of Surfbort, is clearly going a hundred miles an hour in the opposite direction.

Surfbort’s mission in life is to provide a space where you can be as weird and fucked up as you want

She fronts a band that comprises three old hands from the Texas punk scene (yes apparently there is one), all in their forties and not slowed down or softened up at all at all. Dani says that they’re all about love though: but I guess it’s an angry kind of love. Confessing that they had become somewhat political because in the US in this day and age you simply can’t not, she’s also said that her mission in life is to provide a space where you can be as weird and fucked up as you want without anyone judging you. After her own history of mental problems and addiction to hard drugs, she’s coming out as the icon of social misfitery; waving her freak flag high as you like.

On the same evening we also have Gringo Star, legends themselves from the US rock scene: the band from Atlanta, Georgia around the two Furgiuele brothers have become stalwarts of the US indie scene since their debut album in 2008. Regularly appearing at SXSW, they’ve also played at a ton of other festivals including Lollapalooza, been featured on NPR, had their albums included in any number of best-album lists, toured relentlessly, been reviewed on Pitchfork (favourably!), been featured by Paste and Spin magazines and….well, lots of that kind of thing.

…brash handed anguish…to delicately placed grooves…

Askers Dodge, being the local band that Basement Bash always makes sure to include at least one of, is an upcoming indie rock band around Greg Thompson, tearing it up around the city and proving their worth at their most recent gig at legendary venue Wild at Heart and describing their music as “brash handed anguish…to delicately placed grooves…”.

Make sure to grab your tickets or put your name in the hat for a pair of tickets to witness the electrifying line up that is Surbort, Gringo Star and Askers Dodge – write to us at guestlist (at)!