How is it possible to keep a secret these days?

In the age of social media, where everyone reveals all the details of their lives on their own volition, London’s Black Midi have found a way to become London’s best kept secret. With only two songs and some live performances available on the internet, it’s clear that, other than the praise of some vocal fans like fellow London punks Shame, Black Midi wants the music to speak for itself.

And it does. Loudly.

There are times where this music feels like pure visceral noise. It’s angry, menacing, and at the same time, to borrow a word from their song ‘bmbmbm’, magnificent. This noise is why few bands have inspired such excitement and devotion from fans so quickly. Listening to them before their eventual Rough Trade release feels like you’re getting in on the ground floor of something great, something new. Even after hearing just two songs, you could name drop a litany of your favorite music nerd bands, like The Fall or Sonic Youth, as influences, but Black Midi has been able to integrate that sound, along with some post rock and noise stylings, to make something that feels fresh rather than devoted to the past.

Black Midi feels like a continuation of these ideas. Their music is a progression to what modern day punk, noise, or whatever you want to call it does and will sound like.

This Monday, February 25th, Black Midi will be playing at Monarch Berlin, supported by Ionian Death Robes for what’s sure to a raw, enthralling show. Get to the show and you won’t stop talking about Black Midi any time soon, even if they won’t say a word.