Get on the guest list? Hm. Tricky….

Yes, we’ve been quiet the last few months, but it’s pretty obvious why…with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, venues have shut down and the world of live events has just, well, stopped.

And since the reason for our existence is of course getting you crazy party people on guest lists across town, well, we decided we’d go and get on with other shit that we do and get back to this when something was happening again.

Now we sit here at the end of August 2020 and while the first live gigs are starting up again, little by little, bit by bit, covid is hanging around like the annoying guy you didn’t want at your party and just doesn’t know when it’s time to leave.

Still, we will be featuring any and all live happenings here, with the fervent hope that as of autumn, covid will fuck off and we can, bit by bit, get back to that swinging party scene that we call normal life 🙂

Meanwhile, even tho it’s not exactly why we’re here, we will be posting some of our favourite bands, music, songs, videos and general entertainment here, for your perusing pleasure.

We’ll get thru this together!