Sorry about getting all mathetmatical there but hey…Berlin’s newest hip happening is the Bebel Stage and it’s on next week.

It’s just so bloody good to be getting some live events happening again after aeons of pandemic-inspired nothingness, that I’m getting a little giddy here…over eight days there’ll be an absolute riot of musical acts appearing at Bebelplatz in Mitte, Berlin, where in 1933 they burnt all those books and sealed their fate, and which more recently is known for operatic elucidations at the Opernhaus which stands on one side of the honestly impressive-looking square.

The whole is kicked off with the Moka Efti Orchestra

We are NOT giving away free tickets to this baby. You know why? Because there are no tickets. Yup, it’s free as a bird to all and sundry, courtesy of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, just to be nice. PROVISO is that it’s the 3-G hustle (Genesen, Getestet, Geimpft – aka Vaccinated, Tested or Recovered), AND that to make their hygiene concept work, with on-site testing facilities etc, only the first thousand people each day get to be a part of it. No reservation possible, just turn up at the gate and hope.

But for the days from the 24th, and cultimating on the 3rd October – the Day of German Unity, as I’m sure you know – there are an amazing line-up of music and culture going on. And get this: each day is subtly different, with a focus on a different genre and style.

A ton of showstopping musical happenings on each day

The whole is kicked off with the Moka Efti Orchestra. Now you may not know that name, but you’ll no doubt have experienced the TV series Babylon Berlin with its weird, twenties-but-not-twenties riotious orchestra act? Yup, that’s them. So they’re playing on the 24th.

Then there are a ton of showstopping musical happenings on each day (see below for details) until the big bang at the end where we celebrate there not being an East and West anymore, together with what is celebrated as “Berlin’s most diverse choir”

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the Draußenstadt (Outside City) project, the festival celebrates Berlin’s incredible diversity of art and culture, with the focus being on artists from Berlin and their creative reflection on the past months of the pandemic.

Acts include Balbina, Moka Efti Orchestra, Ätna & NDR Jazz Bigband, Alex Mayr, Brandt Brauer Frick, Blond, Sam Vance-Law and Wallis Bird – and a bunch more.

And it’s free. Yup, that’s why, no guest-list passes in evidence today!

Bebel Stage Website | Bebel Stage Facebook