Projection mapping has come a long way from its start in the sixties – where it was used in the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour; and in Disneyworld. The huge leap forward that we’ve experienced in technology has made things that seemed impossible just ten years ago into a reality.

Moving, disintegrating and reforming shapes are just one aspect; you get goldfish swimming across public buildings, a huge pair of eyes blinking at your from the top of the Brandenburger Tor; and even a 3D image of your very own self metres high and shooting up the Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm (TV tower)

Win tickets to a ship cruise through the Festival of Lights and see the wonders of 3D projection mapping from the boat – see below!

These year there’s also two “light walks” – a guided tour that leads you among all the highlights of the show, and you can even go up in the big round helium balloon that regular floats over Berlin; but what we most wanted to share with you is that has been given a pair of tickets to something perhaps even cooler.

A passenger boat will be taking people on special cruises along the canals of Berlin to see all of the buildings that are lit up; and the boat is decked out in light and colour too. Why walk/cycle/take public transport from attraction to attraction, when you can sit back and float along the waterways through the middle of the city and check out the wonder that is the festival of lights!

If you’d like to win the tickets please write to info (at) and tell us why we should pick you!

Photo by Frank Herrmann