fickle friends press pic copyright Daniel Alexander HarrisHard To Be Myself, the current single of the young British band, is once again a perfect appetizer for their March debut: perfect pop, dazzling, highly melodic. And yet you can feel that the Fickle Friends are more than just another electro-pop band.

Singer Natti Shiner negotiates uncertainties and teenage fear with her clear voice – which made her an authentic voice of England’s youth. Since 2014 the Fickle Friends release their first singles, but their debut “You Are Someone Else” let them mature slowly, at their pace, so that it can finally be released in mid-March.

But they were never idle in between: Despite their contemporary sound, the Fickle Friends played their fanbase in a classical way and, pardon, escaped their asses. After they will do this again in England, they take the chance to expand their fanbase here in Germany with the new songs on April 20.