We’ve got two pairs of tickets for the latest instalment of Berlin’s craziest rock and roll circus going….the Basement Bash Babes teamed up with our friends indieBerlin a year ago to create indieBerlin Events and since then their monthly concert series featuring the best up and coming rock bands from this fair city has been going from strength to strength, now with a little help from Music Board Berlin; having started at the IPA Bar before residing for a good lone while at Marie Antoinette, before a run of gigs at the Auster Club; now the next few gigs are slated for Urban Spree.

But don’t let me run on and on: we have, as you might have guessed, some guest list passes for you: 18th January, Urban Spree, Basement Bash, featuring Black Pope, Joe James Boyle and Soda Can. Just write to info (at) get-on-the-guest-list.com – or write to us on Facebook.