I know this is a little last minute but hey, we’re nothing if not spontaneous around here. Basement Bash – well, I hardly need to tell you about Basement Bash…the concert series that’s been showcasing the best up and coming indie bands for the last year or so, formerly in Marie Antoinette, now in Auster Club, and sprung from the bowels of BIMM music university.

Tomorrow night (Thursday 25.10) it’s No. 13, where the Bash delves into the warm waters of psychedelic rock, with swooshy jammers Molly (Austria), Turquoise Sun (swooping down from Denmark for the gig) and local heroes People Club, plus – since the live music ends at 10pm – happy hour from 10-11pm and that rock and rollest of all rock and roll DJanes, DJ Nixe.

This is also the concert series where I don’t think I’ve ever woken up the next day without a hangover, so the idea of the party being extended with a bit of happy hour happiness is, well, slightly worrying. But will I falter? Nope. No faltering.

Write to us at info (at) get-on-the-guest-list.com and you’re (almost) guaranteed of a pair of free tickets for tomorrow night’s show!

Here’s a taster of those bands…