Double concert tomorrow night at Loophole! Win tickets for I-Taki maki and Mexican Radio live!

I-Taki Maki and Mexican Radio are going to play at Loophole this Friday 28/06. For those who don’t know them yet, here’s a quick presentation of these two bands. But first: click here to win a pair of tickets for the night!


Mexican Radio is a Berlino-Californian group based in Berlin. The trio plays synth punk with the particularity that they don’t have any guitar or bass. Why is that? Well, their guitarist and bassist left them and rather than giving up on their project, they used this to create something new and singular. Bravo!

Believe me, they’re quite something to see on stage. All dressed up in a red set up uniforms and playing with electric energy, they naturally know how to create a crazy atmosphere.


Then, I-Taki Maki is an Italian group, based in Berlin since 2015. It consists of Go-Mimmi-Go (vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, glockenspiel & melodica) and strAw (vocals & guitars). The duo plays a mix of alternative rock, slowcore, and post-punk influence. They’ve released four albums and two EPs.

Since their last album release, “A Place to Leave”, they’ve been performing in lots of renowned Berlin venues such as, for example, Madame Claude, Badehaus or Monarch.

Don’t miss this event! You can find more info about this show on Facebook.