Win tickets to see two idiosyncratic, individualist and upcoming female artists from the Berlin scene – Mari Mana and AC Meadows. Check them out below and write to info (at) to win a pair of guest list passes for the evening!

Mari Mana

There are hardly more opposites that can fit together so well: A warm, dark Single Malt voice coming from such a delicate person, with her melancholy, young wisdom and a poetic joie de vivre in her lyrics ensures attentive silence in the audience. Reality when she takes her guitar in her hand and hardly audibly the first sounds become too powerful.

Bluesy melodies swell up. There is no need for fast solos or loud sounds, but their music. MARI MANA doesn’t even come close to being a singer-songwriter. She carefully experiments with instruments and highly talented fellow musicians in the studio. Also when it becomes a convincingly compact unit, she and her guitar stand alone above it.


AC Meadows

…is the brainchild of musician Angela Chambers. While it is essentially a solo project, her most recent EP ‘Apart’ features collaborations with artists such as Casper Clausen (Efterklang, Liima) and other special guests. Joining Angela onstage these days will be music producer and artist Elisa Vidalis aka Calmdown, The music of AC Meadows spans across a range of influences, taking in psych-dipped house and experimental indie, while skirting the edges of Krautrock. With a shadowy velvet ‘ Nicoesque’ voice and hypnotic flute tones, she presents tear-jerking tracks combined with psych-dipped house fading into smoke-shrouded Krautrock experimentation as the listener is lead through a series of exotic surprises.


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