Everyone knows that on the 21st Berlin – in fact most cities – explode with music, parties and general dancing in the street.

But in fact the festivities this year begin the evening before: there’s now a launch party, a kickoff event, that is planned for Thursday evening the 20th. The party itself begins in Freiheit 15, a cool venue in the middle of Köpenick at 6pm, with live bands, drinks and food trucks, even though the celebration actually starts before that. Because there’s also an Indonesian Gamela band, Ensemble Puspa Githa Pertiwi,  marching through the town, with a Berliner brass ensemble taking over from them, all leading into the party at Freiheit 15.

But there’s more.

Because what we’re raffling today is a pair of tickets to take a slow boat (MS Babelsberg) from the Berliner Dom in Mitte, all the way out to Köpenick. On board are the bands Treptow and the singer Leona Heine, plus drinks and snacks. Just float along the river enjoying yourself, until you get to Köpenick and the party starts in earnest.

Hit us up on FB Messenger to win!

Write to info (at) get-on-the-guest-list.com and win a pair of tickets for your very own slow boat to Köpenick!