Mexican Radio team up with Beasts to unleash their individual versions of musical mayhem on the Badehaus this Thursday 26th September.

Mexican Radio is Berlin’s favourite synth punk trio, coming out of the White Trash and 8MM scene: guitars? Nope. This threesome has laid down some rules, and a direct absence of stringed instruments is one of them. Their sound is stripped down and original: two keyboards, drumkit and vocals. That’s it. So how do they manage to get that (synth) punk sound hammering out of the speakers? Well, there’s one way to find out…

Beasts on the other hand are such a classic guitar-driven indie rock band that they more than make up for the lack of guitars in their partner band for the night. Headed up by Ed East (who also plays in Chikinki as well as having produced the Brian Jonestown Massacre, I Heart Sharks and others of the same ilk), they’re an indie-rock fan’s wet dream: loud, pure rock n roll and, dare I say bitching? Too late, I’ve gone and said it.

We would hardly whet your appetite like this and not give you the means to go and see them now would we? That’s why we’re raffling a pair of tickets for the night…otherwise you can get tickets in advance thru this here link or just head down on the night and hope for the best! Instincts tell me this night is gonna be sold out so….nuff said.

Wanna win a pair of tickets? Write to us on Messenger (click here)¬†and win win win….

Don’t miss it! Double release party with Mexican Radio and Beasts at Badehaus this Thursday 26th September! Win tickets here!